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Forget the unnecessary. We won’t oversell you on grandiose promises, we’ll simply provide you with the concrete solutions your project truly needs. Our will to be simple is stronger than our wish to look cool.


We ask the right questions, we think ”ergonomic” and we waste no time. Honestly, we’ll tell you what we can and can’t do. We care for every mission deeply, yet rationally. Our word is our bond.


They say: “think outside of the box”. We answer: “there’s no need to be outside of the box to think. Actually, you don’t even need the box at all. All you need is the desire to solve a problem”


Digitalization Strategy

Incorporate or strategize with comprehensive approach for better digital transformation and business outcomes.

Product Management Strategy

Strategize your product management process for fluid team collaborations enhancing business growth.


We provide meaningful holistic communications programs and strategies for high-impact and optimized results.

Experience Architecture

A full experience diagnosis with a holistic ADCC (accessible, durable, comfortable, clear) approach for experience architecture .

Workforce Transformation Strategy

We evaluate your current tools & systems providing effective and customized end-to-end advisory and implementation services.

SaaS Products

We have a set of digital products that supports us in providing the best experience and most adequate results to our clients.

In the Numbers

a selection of

Corporate Structuring Steps
Depths of consultancy
Collaborative Workshops

We are constantly aiming to simplify and fix day-to-day operations while facilitating access to talents of interest.

About company


The idea was born in 2014 when two young people promised to mature their skills before reconnecting 10 years later, the promise included the theme of identifying and solving the work world problems. Sure enough, 6 years later Khal was preparing his PhD thesis proposal with the intent of honoring their promise once he gets his PhD.

He asked Fadwa to review the idea to which she immediately replied: “Holy banana, This is not a PhD thesis, this is a start-up! Let’s just do it now!”, Khal’s only answer was: “You know what ? If you have a team ready to jump in, then mine is already waiting…”


“Let’s create inclusive solutions for





We work with small and medium organizations with a holistic approach for transformational & Transitional challenges.

Individual Approach


We provide particular services for independents including branding, customer experience, and communication.



We provide our services for targeted projects as well as the creation of new branches and/or their brands & culture.



Erathis reflects our desire for a beautiful world and a better future for those who are committed to moving forwards.

Our goals

By 2027

To become a company known for improving work methodologies all over the world.

By 2031

to be the front-runner for changing the worldwide perception of work and immigration positively.

By 2037

to make it possible for any individual of any origin to tour the world through professional opportunities.

  • 2041

    Our mission

    To bring together Science, Arts, Technology, Craftsmanship, and all fields of the professional world to create large scale projects that will benefit and safeguard humanity.

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Small steps require patience and determination. With adequate knowledge, you can turn what seems to others as hopeless dreams into solid roadmaps towards a real goal.

KoreWaKore is your friendly professional e-tavern, giving you the necessary insights to reach mastery over your work and always be in phase with the present.




SDG 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth

SDG 11: Sustainable Cities & Communities

SDG 10: Reduced Inequality

SDG 17: Partnerships for the Goals

Want us to be part of your adventure?

We are diverse, authentic, and sincerely committed to building a better world.

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